Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lies, damn lies, and marketing

Younger cells, younger you???

Enhances normal cell regeneration? What the heck does that mean? Do they make you renew your cells faster? That would be the most likely conclusion because they claim to make your cells "younger". That would mean that your cells will die younger, and the telomeres at the ends of your DNA shortens faster too. In the end, that would also mean that YOU WILL DIE YOUNGER TOO.

Of course, this is all bullcrap. You won't really die early by taking this product, because vitamins and minerals won't do squat to "enhance normal cell regeneration". All it does is make your piss more expensive.

This just illustrates that the majority of advertising will say ANYTHING to sell you a product. Never mind that what they claimed, if true, will end up killing you faster. Whatever happened to "Truth in Advertising"?

What's even worse is that they copied the name of a parody medicine for a parody disorder.

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rmacapobre said...

i read somewhere that pinoys are the most gullible consumers. and that the germans are the most skeptical about ads.

i believe it is related to how pinoys being very unscientific and we rely on our emotions in decision making.