Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Danish Cartoons Again...

Islam really can't take criticism very well can it? Is their faith so weak that critics must be punished with death? Plotting to kill a friggin' cartoonist? How cowardly can you get? If Allah was insulted, let him do the job. He's all powerful anyway. What's a lightning bolt to Him? Why must he depend on incompetent murderer-wannabes?

In a show of defiance, 12 Danish papers published the cartoons again. I hope that more news media around the world will join with their Danish brethren and show that they will not be cowed by threats. I for one, will show my support for them by "reprinting" the most controversial of the cartoons.
Freedom of speech and freedom from tyranny are more important than political correctness and "multicultural respect". If Islam wants to be respected, then it must show that it is worthy of the respect that they so violently demand. For now, I have nothing but contempt for these Fundamentalists of the "Religion of Peace".

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